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How do I install your windows or doors?

Get a hold of this document here for detailed instructions on "generic" window installation methods with diagrams etc. Or watch some the following videos in the questions below.

How to Install an Aluminium Sliding Window into Double Brick Construction
How to Install an Aluminium Sliding Window into Brick Veneer Construction
How to Install an Aluminium Sliding Window into Clad/Lightweight Construction
How to Install an Aluminium Sliding Door into Brick Veneer Construction
How to Install Aluminium French Doors into Brick Veneer Construction
CAD Drawings

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Please note that information located in this link may not  apply to all Statesman products.

Do Statesman stock spare parts for windows and doors?
Do Statesman repair out of warranty or other manufactures products?

We only repair our own Statesman brand products while under warranty. If your products have fallen out of warranty and require service, or to any other branded windows or doors you will need to find a generic local window repairer.

You may also find a variety of generic window and door parts at larger hardware stores. 

Do your products accommodate double glazing?

Yes. Our Signature range of products and some of our Essential accommodate double glazing.

Can your products be recessed into the floor?

Yes. You will need to organise this with your builder to ensure correct clearances for opening inward doors and access for door roller replacement on sliding doors when the time comes. Ensure that BCA building practices are followed by your builder. Any flooring must not sit higher than the top edge of any door sill, otherwise you will void all warranties.

We can supply you with offcuts of sill sections to use as templates upon request.

Do I need to change my slab set up for your products?

No, you should always follow BCA building practices, which our products comply with seamlessly.

Do you have hardware colour choices available?

Yes. We have a range of powder coated hardware available for sliding and Aluminium hinged French and bi-fold doors and some selected windows. *conditions apply.

My sliding doors and windows are not sliding properly. How do I fix them?

You need to replace the rollers (wheels) due to wear and tear. To extend the life of your door and window rollers, please vacuum the sill (bottom runner track) of windows and doors regularly to prevent dust, dirt and pet hair build up which causes rollers to degrade and possibly wear out you door runner at the same time. Never use lubricant on door or window tracks! This only leads to quicker wearing out of rollers, causing flat spots and should only be used in emergency situations as a last resort if they get stuck. Click here for more information.

How do I replace my door or window rollers?

For both door and window rollers, you must remove the sliding sash by lifting it up and over the sill (bottom track) towards you. Beware, as this may be very heavy and could require help to lift it out. Then place the sash on its side on blocks of wood or upside down to access the rollers. Remove any retaining clips and/or screws, then proceed to pull the roller cartridge out. The rollers come in cartridges. Some older versions vary, so if possible, bring in the old ones or some photos of the door track and or door handles so we can identify them correctly. For more info call 8345 1911.

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I want to clean my windows. How do I remove the flyscreens?

For sliding windows, DO NOT attempt to remove the flyscreen from the outside of the window as this will damage them and void their warranty. You do not need to remove the flyscreen to clean the outside of the sliding sash.
You must remove the sliding sash internally by lifting it up and over the sill (bottom track) towards you. Beware, as this may be very heavy and could require help to lift it out. Once the sash is removed, you are then able to clean both sides of the glass. If you still need to remove the flyscreen, do it in the same fashion as the sash. For awning windows, just pull down the plastic tags located at the top corners of your flyscreens towards you. Blinds or curtains may need to be removed prior.
For double or single hung windows, turn the plastic lugs located at the bottom corners of your flyscreen, make sure you have a decent grip on the screen. These can be quite difficult and best done with the help of a second person, as the black screen clips may pull out of the screen itself if pulled too hard. Please come into our showroom for a demonstration.

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Isn't energy efficiency just about the glass?

It is true that glass has an impact on the energy efficiency of windows and doors. However, other components such as frame and seals also influence the energy efficiency of windows and doors. It is actually the critical selection of frame, seals and glass, and how well they are designed together, that determines the overall energy efficiency of windows and doors. Ask us about Thermal-Break windows. Use this simple calculator to get an idea of the savings you could achieve using energy efficient windows. Disclaimer: http://www.efficientglazing.net/disclaimer.aspx

How do I determine the climate zone of my house?

The Australian Building Codes Board has a map of Australia, which shows each climate zone. The map is accessible from here

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