Signature Bi-Fold - Aluminium Hinged Doors

Launch Gallery Signature 90 degree corner Bi-Fold door

Statesman's Signature bi-fold door creates a moving single or double glazed glass wall that opens up the interior of the home to the outside, providing unobstructed views, natural light & ventilation. The bi-fold door is ideal for entertaining areas. A choice of left, right or both sided opening directions allows the selection of a layout to suit your home. A single entry door can be added for quick access & day-to-day use if required. As an alternative, the bi-fold door can be used internally with or without a sill, utilising top hung panels & a floor channel, giving access to weather proof alfresco dinning areas. (note: no sill option will not seal out the weather) The outboard track system allows easy cleaning & the low force sliding system provides maximum performance. The patented torsional blocking ensures the bi-fold system retains its shape, without sagging or jamming. 

Features and Benefits

Signature bi-fold

  • Single or double glazed
  • Same frame is used as a bi-fold window in smaller sizes
  • Panels stack out of the way externally for unimpeded access
  • Optional single entry door for easy access
  • Bi-directional handling - Ability to stack to one side or multiple to both sides
  • Positive locking action providing maximum security and safety
  • Hinge fixings with no visible screws to ensure a clean, flush appearance
  • Security bead glazing with beveled finish for improved aesthetics
  • Outboard track system for easy cleaning of sand and grit
  • Patented torsional blocking retains correct shape & movement for trouble free operation
  • Low force sliding system for easy operation
  • Tested to Australian Standards

Signature bi-fold

  • Colonial, Federation or custom bars
  • Variety of colours
  • Glass options - Variety of glass options including double glazing (max 20mm thick) for increased thermal performance, strength & safety
  • Energy efficient / High performance options
  • Low profile sill top hung 
  • No sill, floor channel, top hung option (internal use only - no weather protection)
  • Flyscreens not available
Performance Parameters

Signature bi-fold

  • Maximum Height 2450mm
  • Maximum Width 6500mm
  • Maximum Panel Width 840mm
  • Maximum Panel Weight 40kgs
  • Maximum Water Rating 300Pa
  • Maximum Wind Rating N4
  • Maximum Glass Thickness (single glazed) 12.38mm
  • Double Glazed Capability Yes

Signature Bi-Fold Door Brochure

All Bi-Fold Doors come with Statesman's 7 Year Warranty* and a 3 Year Moving Part Guarantee.
* Workmanship and Material - Subject to standard warranty terms and conditions

Essential French / Entry - Aluminium Hinged Doors

Launch Gallery Essential open out hinged door with Essential double hung sidelites (screen doors not available for open out doors)

Statesman's single or double glazed Essential French or hinged entry doors are a great option if interior wall space is limited. Statesman offer a wide range of inspired design options for the ever popular French door suite. Whether you select traditional colonial bars (not for use with double glazing) or clear unimpeded panels, the French door is an elegant & practical way to open up your living area & allow wide access to a courtyard, garden or patio. Adding to the versatility of this product is the ability to combine louvre, double hung or fixed light windows as decorative sidelites, further enhancing the design features. Hinged doors make a stylish replacement for traditional wooden doors with superior weather performance & without the ongoing upkeep. Combined with an Aluminium entry door frame, various glass designs & sidelites or highlites, hinged doors can become a unique feature in your home. Double glazed option available. 

Features and Benefits

Essential French / hinged

  • Double Glazed or single LowE glazing
  • Unobtrusive flush bolt locks inactive door panel
  • Full locking options for security and safety
  • 3 point lock lever for opening in doors provides maximum security & weather protecion
  • Full joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
  • Single door option is available for tight spaces
  • 180o door leaf opening (depending on building construction type) to maximise access
  • Single or double leaf
  • Bevelled beads to outside face of sash for superior water proofing & aesthetics
  • Powder coated Aluminium frames for durability
  • Tested to Australian Standards

Essential French / hinged

  • Open in with screen door options
  • Open out without screen doors
  • Double Glazed or single LowE glazing
  • Available with sidelites or highlites, fixed r opening
  • Energy efficient / High performance system options
  • Compatible with other Statesman Windows products
Performance Parameters

Essential French / hinged

  • Maximum Height 2400mm
  • Maximum Width 2000mm
  • Maximum Water Rating 150Pa
  • Maximum Wind Rating N4
  • Maximum Glass Thickness (single glazed) 12.38mm
  • Double Glazed Capability Yes

All Bi-Fold and French / Entry doors come with Statesman's 7 Year Warranty* and a 3 Year Moving Part Guarantee * Workmanship and Material - Subject to standard warranty terms and conditions.

Note: Subject to local variations, climate requirements, and confirmation of structural performance. 

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