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Statesman's Essential Double Hung Window has an adjustable top and bottom single glazed sash which provides superior climate control performance, allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes at the same time. Its traditional design is a favourite choice amongst renovators aiming to retain an older homes vintage charm. The addition of colonial or federation bars enhances this charm by mimicking separately glazed panels, as done in days of old. Also available as the single hung, with the top sash fixed and a half height screen, providing extra security and safety if required. Screens are mounted on the outside of its 52mm wide frame and are not available as retracting / cavity style screens. Due to the nature of this design, sashes may require periodic adjustment to ensure sash stability by use of conveniently located adjustment screws. Especially on larger sashes with heavier glass. See our Signature Double Hung window for double glazing options.

Features & Benefits

Essential Double Hung Window 

  • 52mm wide frame
  • Single glazed only (for double glazed - see our Signature range)
  • Adjustable top and bottom sash for improved ventilation
  • Engineered sash balances for trouble free operation
  • Conveniently located screws for adjustment of sash tension
  • Ideal in servery situations between kitchen and outside entertainment areas (without flyscreens)
  • Optional die cast zinc cam locks for increase security
  • Optional vent lock allows the window to be secured while partially open for ventilation (Single Hung only)
  • Outside face mounted screens
  • Compatible with most cladding systems due to the location of building fins
  • Optional 20mm or 40mm external fin / face fixing adaptor for flush mounting to exterior wall cladding
  • Tested to Australian standards
Performance Parameters

Essential Double Hung Window 

  • Frame Size 52mm 
  • Maximum Height 2100mm 
  • Maximum Width 3010mm 
  • Maximum Panel Width 1200mm*
  • Maximum Panel Weight 22kgs 
  • Maximum Water Rating 450Pa 
  • Maximum Wind Rating 4500Pa ULS 
  • Maximum Acoustic Rating Rw28
  • Maximum Glass Thickness (single glazed only) 6.38mm 
  • Maximum Bushfire Attack Level BAL 40
  • *all sizes subject to design limits

Signature Double Hung Windows Counter Balanced

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Statesman's Signature Double Hung Window Counter Balanced features a 100mm wide frame that is both modern and stylish, giving the appearance of a commercial product without the budget to accompany them. Accommodating double glazing as well as standard or LowE single glazing and featuring an integrated flyscreen concealed within the main perimeter frame. Able to handle more than twice the panel weight as well as providing larger frame sizes than that of rival "commercial" double hung windows, the "semi-commercial" Signature Double Hung is a winning design.

Features & Benefits

Signature Double Hung Window Counter Balanced

  • Shares the clean, contemporary look of other Statesman Signature products
  • Counter Balanced for effortless operation of even the largest and heaviest sashes
  • Modern, stylish hardware with superior security and convenient locking features
  • Improved location of adjustment screws for correction of sash tension
  • Integrated insect, safety and security screen options
Performance Parameters

Signature Double Hung Window

  • Frame size 100mm semi-commercial
  • Maximum window height 2450mm
  • Maximum window width 3690mm
  • Maximum panel width 1230mm
  • Maximum panel weight 42kgs
  • Maximum water rating 600Pa
  • Maximum wind rating 6000Pa ULS
  • Maximum glass thickness 12.76mm (single glazed) 20mm double glazed (IGUs)
  • Maximum acoustic rating Rw31
  • Maximum bushfire attack level BAL 40*

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